There is no greater pain than discovering that your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets are filled with a fruit-filled mess. Whether it is an apple, banana, or orange, their inevitable rot will eventually have you tearing up gluey fruit rinds, sticky banana peels, and soggy apple cores from your shelves, leaving a horrible mess behind and bringing along some unwanted visitors.

We all have fruit in our home, whether it is in the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, packed in a lunchbox, or hiding in the freezer. But have you ever wondered what kind of fruit goes bad? And what do you do with those fruits that have started to rot? Well, some common fruits like apples, bananas, and berries tend to spoil more quickly than citrus fruits and pineapple.

Once the fruit begins to mold, it’s best to throw it out to avoid spreading spores in your kitchen. An even bigger concern is fruit flies and other pests that can infest rotting fruit. Tiny fruit fly eggs can be laid in ripened fruit and soon you have an annoyance on your hands. If you notice an infestation of fruit flies or other insects because of rot in your home, it might be a good idea to call a Florida Pest Control company or similar services near you. However, there are also some other remedies you can try before you make the call to the professionals.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

Is there anything worse than walking into your kitchen and finding fruit flies buzzing around on your kitchen counters? They breed like there is no tomorrow, which means there is a chance you may have dozens or even hundreds of them in your home at any given time. If you are not a fan of bugs, you may want to know how to get rid of fruit flies so you can no longer count them among your least favorite household pests.

Flies can really make life miserable. These annoying pests love to gather around sinks, drains, garbage disposals, and even sewer lines. They are so bothersome that it’s hard not to feel frustrated by their presence. Thankfully, there are several natural methods to deal with fruit flies, like setting up traps using ingredients like vinegar, dish soap, and garlic. In addition to these remedies, taking extra steps like scheduling a periodic denver sewer line inspection (or elsewhere) and deep cleaning the sewer lines and drains with the help of professionals can significantly help manage the issue. Regularly maintaining and cleaning these areas can not only get rid of any existing flies but can also stop them from coming back in the future.

Flies like to multiply in warm, moist places, like your kitchen and bathroom. You can use traps, but better yet, check for them often and clean your kitchen regularly. Open cabinets and drawers often, and do not leave dishes out overnight. Keep trash cans, and pet food containers covered and dispose of leftovers promptly. To ensure that more flies don’t come in, install fly screen bunnings (or similar defensive techniques) to your backyard or patio doors, and purchase fly traps for the ones that have made it inside. Some fly traps work better than others, so do your research before you hit the store!

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Apple Cider Vinegar

Did you know that vinegar works as an easy way to get rid of fruit fly infestations? To make your own vinegar trap, you need a large jar, some apple cider vinegar, and some fruit fly traps, which you can find online and in most home improvement stores. Pour apple cider vinegar into the jar, making sure to cover any fruit flies that have already died. Cover the vinegar trap with the lid, punch a few holes in the lid to allow for air, and place fresh fruit flies in the trap.

What Will Kill Fruit Flies Instantly?

When fruit fly populations get out of control, there are plenty of tricks you can use to control them. The most effective of all is freezing the fruit fly population with dry ice. Dry ice is a supercooled solid form of carbon dioxide, and it delivers instant death to the flies that come into contact with it. The dry ice needs to be in a sealed freezer container, like a zip lock bag or glassine bag. The dry ice should directly contact the fruit, and when done correctly, the fruit fly population should be dead within minutes.

Hopefully, you have been able to pick up some tips that you had not previously thought of before to get rid of the fruit flies coming into your home and infesting your life. If it gets out of hand, then you may have to call in some pest control experts similar to the ones at (who can offer affordable plans like Terminix) to get rid of them for good, especially if you are finding that they keep coming back.

Know that asking for help could actually prove to be beneficial for you–it can save your energy and allow you to get a long-term resolution. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts if and when you need assistance. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE PROBLEM GETS OUT OF HAND!!