Hello Foodies, welcome to my blog. I’m Natasha and I am here on a journey to help make healthy food more appealing and delicious. The term “healthy” seems to have become synonymous with flavorless food. That’s because, often, people think of healthy food as a bowl of plain salad leaves or juice cleanses, and not being able to eat much of anything else. Of course, this is not the case if you take time to educate yourself on tasty alternatives.


I was never a fan of what I thought “healthy food” was. I was the person who always preferred ordering food or takeout because they were a time-saving, tasty alternative. The matter got a lot worse once I moved in with my boyfriend, James, because he too enjoyed a good takeout so we spent our evenings stuffing our faces.


As time went on, we never really noticed subtle changes – my partner had gained 63 pounds and myself, around 21. We were like these two couch potatoes that had nothing but oil and junk in them. It’s only whhen we looked back at older photos, as well as our jeans feeling a bit snug, that we realised if we didn’t do something now, it would only get worse.

Natasha Greenwood

Food is an essential fuel for our bodies, and bad habits can be tricky to get out of – especially when you’re a choc-a-holic like me. However, we understood that we needed to change our food habits quickly. We started looking for nutritional recipe ideas and beverages, as well as cutting back on food with high sugar and fat contents. We started cooking more often and I actually ended up quite enjoying the process of creating a meal.


Cooking also made me feel closer to my late mother. I never really realised it at the time but it reminded me of the food she cooked and the way she carried the entire process, although she handled it with the utmost grace. It did start to feel like it came naturally to me, so who knows, maybe I picked up a gene for it.


The truth is, I hit a point in my life where both me and my partner were working full time, and late hours often, so we struggled to find the motivation to cook when we got home. But since we decided to take a hold of our lives, I have found it really rewarding. So, I want to share my recipes, cooking tips, and the experience of transitioning from ordering from restaurants to cooking at home. I hope by educating ourselves, we can have a healthy life going forward! 😄